Le Trend: Aviators

Le Trend: Aviators

Fact: Aviators are trending

It is hard to say Aviators are making a comeback, as the style is as classic as the word sunglasses itself. Yet celebrities increasingly have been turning to its timeless and classic appeal that contrasts to the wildness of the last (and ongoing) trend of the vivid-hued 90’s skinny sunglasses.

Aviators have undergone a dynamic style evolution in their 80-year history. While the original aviators were made with metal frames, the introduction of thicker materials such as plastic paved the way for endless reiterations.

Aviators in the 70-80’s Aviators became a true celebrity staple in the 70s to 80s, leading design innovations with thicker frames, coloured lenses and varying materials.

Michael Jackson made one-piece lense shield aviators a pop culture icon whilst the mysterious appeal of the mirrored lense aviators rose in popularity with the wildly successful film Top Gun.

A Modern Transformation

Despite becoming such an iconic symbol of the 80’s, aviators have stood the test of time. The classic design and gender-less appeal of Aviators means endless potential for rediscovery.

Reshaping the frames to be narrower merges the style with the 90’s skinny glasses in a hybrid of two distinct fashion decades.

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